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The values we stand for
Public Relations, Online Marketing and Business Solutions
One of the largest Public Relations agencies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We help companies grow

We always offer clients a solution within a comprehensive marketing communication framework and context. We are pioneers, we always take our own path, the one which is the right one and will bring results for our client at that time.

We have had a major impact on the development of Public Relations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through our pragmatic approach focused on effectiveness with a clear guarantee of results. We are creative and take advantage of new opportunities for communication. We don’t like phrases and thoughtless fashion trends; good old common sense remains number one in our work.

We were founded in 1994 as an agency built on personal relationships and personal responsibility, and in this sense we remain a ‘small’ agency today, although in terms of the clients we represent and our size we are amongst the largest – we have been one of the leading PR agencies on the Czech and Slovak market for many years. We work hard, and what we do still gives us pleasure and fulfilment. We continue to experience joy from our ideas, successes and the results of our work.

In a competitive market, we always endeavour to be fair and promise only what we can deliver. We are realists and do not sell pipe dreams. Sometimes clients can fall under the spell of those selling the impossible from other agencies, but return to us gladly later. We have experts focused on various fields of communication. The composition of our teams can be flexibly adjusted according to clients’ specific needs. We have project management and client communication systems implemented and we respect confidentiality of information. We can provide a comprehensive service not just in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic through our affiliated agency in Prague.

High quality relations with journalists

Our success is based on the fact we don’t just ‘forward’ press reports and ring round the media. We pride ourselves on long-term strong personal partnerships with journalists. Our professionalism means that we represent a reliable source of verified and truthful information for editors.

Services provided

Comprehensive consultancy and client need solutions
Media relations
Marketing communication
Product PR
Corporate communication
Crisis communication
Special events management
Conference services, including press conferences
Internet and digital communication
Communication on social networksh
Internal communication
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate reputation management
CEO positioning
Media monitoring and analysis
Media preparation and training
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